Beach Front Bungalow B1 and B2

The Location of the Bungalows

Budget Bungalows B10 and B11

             PRANEE BEACH BUNGALOWS                   


The Bungalows


All our bungalows, except B10 and B11, are located directly on the beach on the west side of Koh Kho Khao, more specific about 600 m along the main road from the

ferry landing, then a small road to the left that goes down to the beach (300 m).

There are one resort on each side:  Andaman Princess Resort and

Tacola Beach Resort .


All bungalows are equipped with a King Size bed, aircon, electric kettle,

wardrobe, dressing table with mirror and refrigerator.The bathroom has a toilet,

sink and shower with hot water.The terrace has tables and chairs.

Extra bed can be provided to each bungalow.

The area has WIFI.



The Beach Front Bungalows


These 5 bungalows are located in the front row and has great views of the

beach and the sea.

Each of them has a total area of approximately 37 m2:


Main room 20 m2

Bathroom 5 m2

Terrace 12 m2


In addition to the equipment mentioned above, these bungalow are also

equipped with TV and DVD player.

It's possible to have 2 extra beds in Bungalow B1, B2 and B5, and 1 extra bed

in Bungalow B3 and B4.



The Sea View Bungalows


These 4 bungalows are located partly behind the Beach Front Bungalows but they

have sea view between the Beach Front Bungalows.

The building and equipment are the same as for the Beach Front Bungalows.


The Budget Bungalows


Bungalow B10 and B11 are twin bungalows, and they are located about 100 m

behind the beach and have very limited sea view.

Each has a total area of ​​31 m2 :


Main room 16 m2

Bathroom 5 m2

Terrace 10 m2


It is possible to have one extra bed in these bungalows.


Rates per. night  season 18/19:


The room and terrace of a Beachfront/Seaview Bungalow